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Good day? Bad day?

Really frustrated at people this morning. Once at tabor things were okay. Nearly died in the Caf it was so hot. Hung around afterwards watching people wash cars. Talked a bit with Rachel. Tracey got me with a drink bottle – all wet down one side. Swing dancing, Tilla gave me a look and asked if I wanted the girls bit. To confess I’m over it. I couldn’t be bothered learning the new part, so I said no and bluffed my way through it all. Ha what happened to the good coordination last week? It improved after the first 20mins, but before that… well.

Lifeskills. Best it has been in months. Kaylene (Nat’s sister) did it on Shared living vs. Community living. It was really interactive, helpful, interesting. It renewed my strong desire to move out and do something like this (Community living). $$’s wise it is not practical at the moment. I don’t care what people say. I know it’s this way, which does suck but yeah.

Time between group focus and youth min. I spent in the caf, with Emma, Anthony (non-yitser), Dave, Jess, Alecia, Jo, Darryn and Tom (but only for a bit). Enjoyable, rambly hang out time. Messed with Dave’s laptop, read his nano. Wrote on notebook thing. Listened/joined conversation with Emma – ha, I can’t even really remember what it was about, was interesting though. Stole Anthony’s chips. Said hello to Katie (caf) got dinner. Got more wet when sprayed by stupid baloon pump. Thanks Dave. Then class.

Was not particularly in the mood for Warwick style teaching. He’s great just sometimes gets a bit on my nerves re: mood. We had him half the time talking the more ‘boring stuff’ ie: duty of care etc. in youth min stuff. Then a guy Dave came spoke about relational models. Ie. importance of feedback, speaking honestly ‘the hard truth’. It was good. But he spoke quite slowly (well, just long pregnant pauses – stupid cliche) which got frustrating. Worthwhile though.

Warwick said something really encouraging to me as I was walking out. One of those very surprising comments.

Battle raging in my mind re: next year. Prayer good. I also need to learn to listen to people. I think I sort of know the answer. I don’t know if I like it.

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