Just about to head off to bed. It’s before 1am!!!!

No, I have camp tomorrow until Thursday and shall not I think, be getting much sleep.
So this is to let you know I haven’t died, mind you half the people who read this will be seeing me in person anyway.

Gush meeting today.

Train in, I looked out the window just past Croydon. I see this crash scene, guy sprawled on the ground and motorbike. I think he was moving, not really sure. Very messy, glass everywhere. Bad as that was, there was some intense road rage happening about two metres from him. Two guys wrestling/punching and generally fighting eachother, one had a motorbike helmet on there were two vehichles stopped nearby. This was happening all on a rather busy road, cars stopped around the edges. So that disturbed me for a little while.

The meeting however was really good. I met John at Macca’s, recognised him straight away (seeing as he was sitting near the window). Got some lunch, Jas called about 5mins later to see if I’d met him. Found our tram. Found the cafe. And many random gush details I wont disclose. Dylan was a waiter (have met him a couple of times before). So Prowdy, Tij, Paul, John, Burkies and myself there. Was good. Killed time after with Paul and John, getting icecream/iced coffee and walking down nearish the Yarra. Caught the train at 5:50pm.

Had one of those people you think are watching you but aren’t sure, due to sunglasses (ARGH!). I didn’t have a book with me, so just music and zoned out/thought pretty much the whole way home.

Now. Bed before it actually reaches 1am.

More in four days or so. Prayer would be good, really good actually. There will be interesting things playing with my and pretty much everyone’s heads re: leaving and finishing up. Sadness and that.

see ^ I’m there.

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  1. said:

    ahh… do dylan = waiter guy…

    i wondered who he was when looking through the photos.. i was like.. random dylan guy… i wonder who he is…
    *smiles* hey bec.. have a great time on camp.. *grins*

    November 14, 2005

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