The how

How to keep going the way I have this year, next year.

Which equates to exponential growth, despite not feeling entirely changed or different.
To let people enrich my life.
To ‘walk in step’ with the Spirit (re: Romans 8:1-17)

This has come up today.

Through this morning’s ‘brunch’ where I sat outside on the verhanda, lazily journalled around the Romans passage and ate my out of habit fruit breakfast (toast all the way normally). I didn’t pick the passage specifically, more opened Bible randomly found a bit I’d underlined and checked it out to see why. Familiarity as the verses were used a fair bit this year particularly in Warwick’s classes. I threw a few questions in the air and tried to answer them by unpicking what was there. Was good, not intentional but I think/hope I got something out of it.

Then tonight after getting home from YITS hangout BBQ at Jess VW’s and I went outside to feed Job. I read a letter Jessmyn gave me, thought a bit about the year and what these people have each meant to me. Looked up at the stars and talked to God for a bit mostly about letting him have next year.

Sometimes when I write stuff like the above, it sounds ridiculously pious. Which is annoying, because it is not, far from it. I shouldn’t have to be concerned about that anyway. Blah, whatever I’m crapping on about I’m just writing what’s in my head.

So next year. Profoundity in that: wanting to continue good habits but still move on so I am not eternally Rebecca of 2005? No probably not. I am different to what I was at the start of this year although exactly how I’m not sure.

I was surprised today when I got to speak to Josh on msn. It’s been what, nearly four years now? Strange having someone you knew but now don’t know. (This is a Solomons person, my future brother-in-law’s brother 😉 I asked him, “So do you think you’ve changed?”, “Oh, probably”

I could answer that question with a definite YES.
But ask me to delve deeper, that would require a lot more defragmenting. The how.

Change, change, change.

It is a good thing.
From which to what?
We are shape shifters.

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  1. said:

    we are shape shifters
    we are adapters to our environment
    we have the ability to see whats going on
    and we have the ability to change our habits, our ways…
    this rarely happens over night, but as you said to me, “being follows doing”

    November 22, 2005

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