Tonight I dared again tonight to reinvolve myself in a social circle I tentatively attempted two-years or so ago.

The Victorian Missionary Kids Network
(erm, or rather TCK’s to introduce you the Third Culture Kid terminology).

A very good experience and I hope to continue going to whatever they do to catch up.

Fantastic to hear a vast number of accents, the meal was prayed for in Spanish! I didn’t really know anyone – Christine I’ve met, and Carrie (the one that did work experience where you are Paul). I spent the first half of the night talking to Kathryn (MK from Benin, West Africa) she’s 17 I think, and much of the other half to Luke who was in South Africa for a while (and I’d guess mid-late 20’s)

Lots of good food, all a little international.

It was more specifically a ‘thanksgiving’ (yes thats right) dinner and a good excuse to get together. Complete with turkey (yum) and pumpkin pie (YUM except I’ve probably had better).

It’s really hard to explain, but I feel vastly more comfortable in an environment like that than say an Australian party/social gathering. There is an entirely different feel – we have a common ground maybe (?), despite many having been in Australia for quite some time and their vast age range.

First questions you get asked aside from your name, “Where were you?/What country?” and “How long have you been back?” There is this fantastic collision of similar experiences of returning and what you miss etc.

It is something I’ve thought about on and off, not for ages and am glad I guess to be re-involved. I shall endeavor to go on their next camp which wont be until 2006 sometime.

Did it make me think of the Solomons? Yes. Did it make me homesick? Not really.

I do miss hearing American accents.

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