Not what we do

A friend was discussing with me part of the sermon on the mount last night (Matt 5-7).

She asked me (and Sam who was sitting behind me) “How do you guys go about living it?”
I asked her to clarify a little and she pointed to Chapter 6:1-15.
Which I determined as her asking about, “Doing stuff on the sly”. She was concerned primarily with motives (this was following her descison to sponser a child through compassion).

“If it’s a desire to do something, to satisfy a desire, is it still serving God.”

I asked, “Could you not have caught God’s desire” and asked more specifically about why she was doing it. She determined that she was pretty sure that God was telling her to do it but was still concerned, “I want to get it right.”

I was wracking my brains (with Sam’s help) to uncover a verse that lingered from Sunday school which I finally found after bible gateway failed and google saved the day, “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.” (2 Tim 1:7) unfortunately I was rather distracted and never got about to giving/explaining anything to her particularly in my immediate doubts about having to drag something a little out of context.

Anyway. Tonight I was reading (only had Message version on hand) in Romans 3:21-31. And was reminded what my mind failed to work into cohesion last night, about walking in step with God and responding to what he does and not what we think we can do to please him.

“So where does that leave our proud Jewish insider claims and counterclaims? Canceled? Yes, canceled. What we’ve learned is this: God does not respond to what we do; we respond to what God does. We’ve finally figured it out. Our lives get in step with God and all others by letting him set the pace, not by proudly or anxiously trying to run the parade.” (v.27,28)


“But by shifting our focus from what we do to what God does, don’t we cancel out all our careful keeping of the rules and ways God commanded? Not at all. What happens, in fact, is that by putting that entire way of life in its proper place, we confirm it.” (v.31)

Confusing in some aspects around how we can actually go about ‘worship’ and in ‘pleasing’ God. But working out where God is working and joining him in that seems to be the way we can live life appropriately in response to God.

Not sure if I just reiterated what it just said, but yes it solved/clarified a few things for me and shall help in putting forward a perhaps more informed suggestion.

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  1. said:

    see, thats your magic, or what ever i mentioned for you to do…

    i find it very encouraging the fact that you are open enough to Spirit to be able to link things like that…
    its good…

    (err, half asleep comment)

    November 30, 2005

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