For some reason tonight after too much Alias, I was thinking of well God and why he even bothers with humans. I guess this ties in a bit with the unconditional love stuff that’s been on my mind. I mean, what’s the point, why are we here?

I was having the is God real (yes, but why us and blah blah) talk – which happens occasionally. Which I don’t like but have to have. So I wasn’t much in the mood for ha, “reverent praying”, so I wandered on to thinking about Jesus and the ‘sacrifice’ and how I don’t really get it sometimes – a lot of the time to be honest. I was annoyed at some too religious blubber I’d just read in picking up the purpose driven life book again. So, Jesus and what did it cost?

And something sort of clicked. I really don’t know how to explain it and these are still just rambling thoughts that I’ve decided to word to see if I can make more clear. The chapter – however annoying, and however much I did skim it, was on about the relationship of the trinity.

I think sometimes I disengage the Jesus that was sacrificed as ‘God’s son’ as – not God. This probably sounds entirely heretical, but we are moulded to look at it as this ‘other person’ and forget the fact of the trinity in a lot of when we talk about the cruxifiction.

Yes it was God as a man. A man completely – God completely. But doesn’t that heighten the enormity of the sacrifice? That was God. That almost seems as if it were that God let something disrupt the trinity for us. That is huge!

I prayed during and now for this that I’m not talking utter crap and lies and all that and please do not take this as anything, I am only thinking out loud. I just haven’t thought of it that way before.

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