Word of the Day spat out something interesting at me again:

comity: a state of mutual harmony, friendship, and respect.

Respect. It’s an interesting thing, particularly in relation to something Sam and I talked about on the way home today.

To summarise, some time before lunch Sam, Laura and I caught the train and reminisced about childhood related things until Box Hill, whereby Sam and I left Laura to continue her journey into the city to meet a uni friend.

We made our way fairly quickly up to the curiousity of a shop that we both like. Japanese stuff – like all those bits and pieces, which we ignore and instead go to look at the fantastically different, exceedingly cool skirts and tops and dresses and things. Poked amongst the wild shoes and compartively cheap bags. It’s a tempting shop. Not ridiculously overpriced but not exactly cheap either. I had my eye on a skirt I saw there last time but couldn’t quite justify spending $40 after all the money I’ve already spent this week. We wasted a lot of time trying various things on and being honest critics.

haha… “to summarise”, maybe not. I think this might be long winded again. Appologies.

So after we’d done that shop over we wandered into those slightly less interesting ones tried a few more things with no such success. We decided to give Breadtop a miss for lunch (despite the most wonderful soft choc-chip rolls in the world) after we happened to wander past some shop selling chips with gravy. I think it was the gravy thing that made us both look at eachother with a knowing, that’s lunch look on our faces. How sad. Best lunch I’ve had in ages. The guy practically drowned them. Needed a fork to get the last chips out of the bottom of the bucket.

I honestly don’t think I’ve fully gotten over whatever made me sick yet. My appetite is really strange. I’m hungry, then eat, then feel yuck etc. It wasn’t just too much gravy and bad food, happened at breakfast too.

We wandered outside and Sam suddenly informed me that we weren’t meeting the others at the station’s McDonalds but one along Whitehorse Road. Hohum. Neither of us knew where that was. Jas calls up, they don’t know either. Some meeting place. We ask at a servo, they don’t know. So I take an educated guess (being the slightly more familiar with the area) and walk down towards/past Centro. We reach a set of lights and change our minds and start walking back. We get another phone call, the others have just driven past us and we have to turn around again back to the lights. Picked up, they have a Melways, they know where that McDonalds is. I was right in my direction, but it would have taken us a long time to get there.

We meet Joel (Jonah on gush) outside McDonalds. He somehow remembered me (picked me from Sam) – the last time I would have seen him was when I was about 8 or 9. Had lunch down the street at a cafe called Columbos. We watched/helped the others eat. The latte I ordered was extremely decent. Good talk. I wasn’t in a super introverted mood or at least less of one compared to yesterday. Sam I seriously think you help loosen my tongue 😛

We end up at Blackburn lake (?) minus Joel who had to leave, and wandered, sat, talked, messed around, threw rocks at ducks and laughed at random stuff for quite a while. Sam and I get dropped back at Blackburn Station and here, thats right I’m getting back to my original point now, is where that previously mentioned conversation happened for the first time.

The second time was later on, she told me to write a blog about it, so I guess that’s what I’m doing and I still don’t know how to word it all. Forgive the awkward explaining.

The flirt thing. For we could not find any other way to put it. But we were discussing the different ways guys act depending on who the girl is. It has absoultely no prerogative (in this case) as to one girl being liked above the other. I mentioned something about having this aura of standoffishness around me. I’m not saying this is a bad thing infact I like it the way it is, I don’t think I’d cope hugely well otherwise. Sam and I are incrediblly different and it is very interesting as to the way that guys will interact with her as opposed to me. She placed it all upon reaction and tone of voice.

I am still massively curious if guys have this internal radar thing that says, “No you don’t say/do certain things to/with (for example) Rebecca, but it is entirely permissable with (for example) Sam. I am talking about certain ways of teasing.

I have a fairly big personal space thing and I somehow, usually without words I think, show that.

ARGH! Blogger just made me lose a heap of what I wrote! 🙁 scowl and angry. How frustrating, I had things almost wrapped up nicely.

I am all for comity (to use the word from before), but don’t know if it’s because of who I am or just my personality that demands a greater level of respect/distance. Sam I am not belittling you in any way. This is hard to explain. I do not like playing around with flirting as I do not see the point in messing with people’s emotions unwittingly, or purposefully.

I guess I’ll leave this open now. I am curious as to what you think about the whole deal, how do you know (if you are a guy) when to back off or to not go there? Even still if I explained it clearly enough for you to understand what I’m on about.

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  1. said:

    Ah, but is flirting always messing with people’s emotions? No. I’d challenge that preconception that comes across from what you were saying. And by all means, correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂

    January 17, 2006

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