Difficulty in forms

To steal a few minutes before I have to head to work…

OSCAR (Deakin’s online service thing) for ‘picking’ your timetable is massively frustrating. I got on yesterday morning nice and early – having the privalage of having a last name in the first choice block. It looks simple. It is meant to be simple but it is not working. I go through a few theories. After half an hour I decide to just get over my “I can’t fix it” and call them to see what’s going on. They kept me on hold for ages, then I told them the problem and she’s like, “Oh yeah, it’s all down, if you just submit what you are after then it’ll be fixed eventually.”

So I did that. About the 5th time I’d tried. If all goes as planned (which I’m assured wont: thanks Burkie) I shall have Thursday and Friday free, but a very full Tuesday. Suits me. Regardless – I have Thursdays free as you can’t be allocated classes that don’t happen.

There’s one block I simply have to get or it all just doesn’t work – not sure what happens if I don’t (round an elective, so hmmm).

Jess picked Sam and I up around 10am. And we went and saw Brokeback Mountain.

I cannot work out if I have an opinion on the movie or not yet. Which sounds a bit strange. Yes it is awkward watching that kind of unnatural (for I think it is) relationship play out. It is of course an excellent movie to discuss and we spent a fair bit of time over it afterwards doing just that. It is brilliant in the way that it conveys how one ‘simple’ thing ruins someones life and the lives of those around him. The acting is superb, particularly (my bias) Michelle Williams – who plays Heath Ledger’s wife. The shots/the scencery was beautiful.

Truth be said, I actually found it a very difficult movie to watch.


  1. said:

    Did you find it difficult because of the ‘unnatural’ relationship?

    February 7, 2006
  2. said:

    within context of situations and stuff a friend deals with.

    February 7, 2006

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