Freudian slip

Today has been the day of disconnection of mind to tongue. Which roughly indicates the level of sleep I’ve been getting. Oh how I’m looking forward to waking up tomorrow afternoon instead of morning.

I made three quite funny (aka embarassing, well it had Jo laughing her face off) freudian slips within about two hours.

The definition of a freudian slip is: A verbal mistake that is thought to reveal an unconscious belief, thought, or emotion.

I somehow don’t think that my unconcious really cares too much about chair’s in holes (rather than holes in chairs – really Katie, get some new ones! And yes I do like your house A LOT) but there was a curious line that came out of my mouth – which I said I’d blog about as my mind started ticking over as soon as I said it.

I was talking about the questions asked on the YITS camp and how someone had asked about how doing the year was while in an non Christian family.

Slip #1: “My Christian’s aren’t family.”

My jaw mightn’t have done a visual drop but it certainly did a mental one. I would have simply laughed it of and not thought much about it except that I have been thinking a bit about pyschology type things as I’ve been reading A Road Less Travelled.

Thought needs to be continued on this one, but in the meantime the dog will soon start crying for a walk so I’d better beat him to the complaints.

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