Why pray?

While hunting for stuff to compliment the blog I’m currently writing, I came across this about prayer – which is pertinent to that time a while ago when I was throwing up ideas around ‘why pray for future spouse’. Ha, this blog is turning into Rebecca nutting out the whole relationship thing, sorry. The rest of the post can be found on Carolyn McCulley’s blog if you’d like a fuller read.

1) Prayer is an acknowledgment of our dependence and helplessness before God. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are always helpless. At times, God allows us to see that dependence.

2) Prayer acknowledges God’s power to answer our prayers. But His answer is not dependent upon us cranking up our own faith. Conversely, we often limit our faith due to how we understand God might be able to answer that prayer. We should never forget that it was God Himself who asked Sarah, “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?” This is reinforced to Mary when the angel says, “Nothing is impossible for God.” God can answer our prayers in two ways–through a miracle or through His providential ordering of our circumstances. So when we pray, we’re saying that though we don’t know how He will choose to work, God still has the power to answer our prayers. Or else it would be pointless to pray.

3) The third reason to pray is that God will be thanked when He answers our prayers. Though God does not need a certain number of people praying, when a group does pray there are many more who can thank Him for the answer.

So why pray? So that God will be glorified.


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  1. said:

    i pray that we would realise how true this is, and how important pray is to our whole christian walk. I mean how well can a relationship be someone you dont talk to, or infact only talk at.

    and i also thank him that he is doing wonderful things in your life Bec, and that you are passing on your wonderful gift and knowledge and discovering to us all. He centainly has great things for you.

    Thanks for all your had work. 😀

    February 25, 2006

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