Space and shelves

Huzzah! New bookshelf for Bec, about double the size of the last one. Sad thing is it’s already full. Shows just how many books have been sitting around on my floor or in inconvient spots in my room for the past few months. Big fat theology books finally have a home instead of being stuffed up the top of my cupboard out of the way. Kudos to Dad who built the thing and fixed the network so I can print from my room!

I have yet to work out what to do with the bigish picture thing of different trees from Central Australia (Took the photos and put it together back in 2002 – my thats a long time ago now) as the space is now covered up. It looks like I might just have to throw some hooks into the area above my desk and above every thing else.

By gaining the shelf, I was forced/inspired, maybe divinely so to clean my room fairly decently. The desk was the worst bit. My room is fairly neat in comparison to many I’ve seen, but bit of random paper end up stacked along one side and sorting them all out is a royal pain. I rediscovered where most of my work payslips had gone to, which was good. Filled up the rubbish bin, and managed to ressurect four cacti from my once populus collection. Spike lives on. Considering that particular one has survived for no less than six years and has hardly grown it’s quite impressive.

So I’ll just continue sitting here in my room for the time being getting slightly high on the varnish smell that will probably linger for at least another week.

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  1. said:

    woo! looks good bec. i’ll have to come down sometime to check it out proper. =)

    March 6, 2006

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