Turns out I was wrong.

First I should learn how to spell: Aerial, Arial is a font and place name… but that’s what laziness allows for – I knew it was wrong all along. Honest!

Aerial Gynastics to my knowledge does not exist as its own sport.
which means tonight I am actually seeing:
Artistic Gymnastics.
I can’t remember who told me otherwise in the first place. Bah to them.

This may mean people thinking that they have to be somewhat qualified to swirl ribbons around… and have people enthralled enough to bother going to see them swirl ribbons.
(I think there will probably actually be some pretty cool stuff but for the sake of the rant we’ll just ignore all that).

I find this quite funny.

Aerial Gymnastics sounds far more exciting. Perhaps I should invent my own sport?

Experience matters right?