It makes me very sad when I can watch statistics and I do get quite a few visitors if not regulars, and I don’t get any comments.

Here’s where I smile with my eyes closed, somewhat like some cat off Aristorcats, and hold out my hands and wait for constant interaction to begin and continue.

What kind of stuff do you like best to read? Random ‘about my day’ thing can’t surely be that interesting.


  1. said:

    You’d be surprised how interesting reading about someone else’s day-to-day existence can be!

    And it sure beats having to think about your other posts that make us think.

    Now stop being greedy and comment back 😛

    March 26, 2006
  2. said:

    i would have to agree with burkie. I’ve been away for a couple of days and i now come home and can read about what people have been up to.

    Though i do know what you mean, i haven’t been posting for basically that reason, and it also frustrates me when no one replies, but oh well. All you can do is whinge, oh look you are 😛

    March 26, 2006
  3. said:

    hey Bec
    yeah, I’m in agreeance with burkie. [dammit, I hate stating that]=P It is quite interesting to read your “what I got up to today” style of blogging. It’s good to feel in touch with what you’re up to and refreshing to not have to think long and hard over a really deep blog.
    But yeah, comments. Hmm, feedback is good hey. I like comments. But then again I tend to blog fairly deep stuff just for my personal reflection so sometimes comments aren’t relevant. Often they help me think a different way, so yeah. That’s good.

    Anyway, in terms of what would I rather read about here on “all said and done”….
    I think you’re going great the way it is. And I’m so not with it right now so I have no suggestions. hehe

    Have a great day buddy,
    Bel xx

    March 26, 2006
  4. said:

    bec, you say you want comments, but do you give them?

    other people like interaction, as it goes two ways, you know…

    March 27, 2006

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