I love sleep-ins that work!

Assignment 1 for SIT submitted. A Resume/Coverletter thing that will slowly expand through the semester. Meant to be done electronically but I’ll be blowed if they have actually set that up correctly because I have searched everywhere. I found coversheets, I logged into numerous other parts of the Deakin website but NO, such a thing does not exist for that unit! So she gets it by email and a hard copy on Wednesday. Stupid uni.

One piddly little lecture today requiring my attendance but not necessarily my attention, maybe this time he’ll be able to get the technology working properly. Then the treck back to Croydon to put my slides in. I really want to get this lot back, I’m hoping they’ll work. Photography is such a cool medium. Which reminds me I have to locate the slide scanner at uni so that I can actually show off a few.

Lets see, I also got off my butt and wrote an email to a group of people that need a good shove to get off their butts. Team work is frustrating at times. At least this makes me look like I’m doing something.

I should have also cleaned my room as it is chaotic, alas I didn’t quite get that far.

New blog design could be up by tonight, John willing. He complained when he saw how ‘simple’ it was going to be after I gave him a mock up. We shall see what wonders he can work.

Jess should be here in about 10 minutes so I’d better scram. Here goes another Monday.


  1. said:

    ok. the new look is good. simple. but i think it needs some fixing.

    i cant see any of the icons, nor is the new look the same when i go to the comments page…

    March 28, 2006
  2. said:

    wait. its working now…


    very nice looking bec, and john…

    March 28, 2006

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