Diverge, converge and a logical progression

To slightly prepare you for a disjointed blog here goes a brief outline (as I’m told all good lecturers should give) – however I’m not a a lecturer so it really serves little point. Which means I wont, and I have just sucessfully suceeded in turning you away wondering what the heck is Bec crapping on about this time? Or I have made you just a little curious. If you do not fit either of the above categories, that’s fine, I think you are just another normal person that occasionally reads this overly disjointed blog. A thanks here to my regular ‘readers’ it’s a bit strange to do so, but it does give me the motivation more to write however much I attempt to convince myself that I write for myself. So, disjointed post coming up. That’s about what you need to know before you decide that ‘oh no’ she’s going to get fixated upon one topic again and spend four fat posts on it to discover later that she’s already worked it out. Sometimes I enjoy the process more than I should. Whoop-de-do it’s truly fun to ramble.

Firstly, I have no idea whether I am working tomorrow or not which is really not smart of me (I forgot to call) as it means goodbye to any sleepin that has a vague chance of happening. I have to be at work by 8:45am, I cannot call beforehand because simply no one will be there. I am attempting to play off what has been so for the past few weeks. In which case my trip and abuse of beautiful sleep time shall not be in vain. If not, then I hope at least to make it a productive time by finding a jacket worthy of being mine this winter. Whatever the case, Mum’s on her way somewhere so I can be ‘dropped off’ which saves me dealing with my beloved Connex, Laura’s meticulous logging of km’s (if I use her car) and fighting the lightswitch in my brain which almost always wants off until at least about 11:00am.

I am not a morning person.

Uni was entirely bludgy today. For some reason my first tute was starting 15 minutes later than it should’ve which really isn’t a lot except when you factor in that there is always something that affects the starting time of that particular class anyway so you can easily add another 15 minutes, which, if my maths is correct wound ‘start time’ half an hour later. Why I said that, and you couldn’t have just worked it out I don’t quite know.

The fine precursor to this late tute was a decent wait with a decent coffee in the decent Corner Cafe after arriving at quite a decent time despite travelling by means not so decent. I confess I really don’t mind the train that much, besides I happened to run into Melissa and so got shown photos of her wedding dress had a brief catch up before I had to get off, whereby I fell over onto one of her uni friends and had to appoligise profusely while running out the door.

So the tute (yeah let me finally get to it) was on Video following the horrifically boring lecture yesterday which I did, I confess, walk out of. Had a very brief play with a camera and spent the rest of the time talking. Turns out Ben went to school with Dean Lusk and hence knows Mark (Luskie) a little. Small world. That class is full of erm, characters shall we say.

As Jeremy so eloquently put it, “It’s really not your day today.” I am sitting in my Comparitive Imaging tute watching assignments being presented (digital images) and I realise one of mine has a really scrappy background which I totally missed seeing after my tired block of time wasting yesterday afternoon. I duck out of class and spend an outrageous $2.50 on a blank CD. I come back fix up the background, which didn’t take much, and re-burn the CD. I forget to put my original image file on the disk, oops. So I contrive an explanation and decide to include both CDs. My turn to present. I put in the newly burnt expensive CD and it fails multiple times, the Computer chokes up and refuses all my pleas (by means of pounding the eject key – Macs). It finally relinquishes the stupid thing and I grab it as it spits it out, just before it swallows the glorifed cupholder very unnaturally again. Tutor says he’ll look at my work (or is it art?) afterwards as it was working three seconds ago on my computer.

That gets all sorted. I end up submitting the old cd (with the stuffed background) but make sure he has seen the good version. His suggestion to submit the old one, he makes a note of it. I am satisfied. It still means I wasted $2.50 but it does mean I don’t have to somehow make it in to the D before Friday.

This afternoon (hey maybe this is not such a disjointed blog afterall!) I made my way into Fitzroy to visit the Centre of Contempory Photography. A HUGE thanks here to Burkie for directions. It was easy btw. Funny place to have it though, sort of on a back, well side street. It was quite interesting. I quickly skipped to the exhibition I wanted to review (yeah it was a homework thing in place of my still images class). This particular one was called In Cold Light. I spent some time there taking it all in. Admiring some, truly not ‘getting’ the two dvd things – Why am I in interactive media?! Tell me now! And scrawling notes in the back of a notebook.

I had a brief look at the Thank You Friends gallery which was really not that good. Then came back to the start and had a look at White Collar Undone which I bypassed the first time. I was observing for a little while and then I got truly disturbed at the not so subtle message through the work. No I’m not explaining it! Go to Fitzroy! (For those who can’t, go to the website and work it out yourself). I am still going to review In Cold Light and I somehow missed seeing the Industry of Working which has me a tad disappointed, I don’t know how, it’s not really that big a place.

This evening (woah is this logical progression?!) was young adults thingo. We’ve been talking about the Holy Spirit. Peter spent this week going through the Biblical talk about the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the ‘Holy Spirit came upon ___’. Some interesting discussion, it’s not the worlds easiest thing for us to grasp and I need to I think work through some of the stuff in my own time.

Some valid questions raised and some not so valid. Ie. mine. Actually it was valid but I was playing a bit of the devils advocate (are you allowed to do that in a church!) We had gotten onto the subject of tongues – inevitably. I asked and I loosely paraphrase, “You are talking about tongues (personal prayer life) as being edifying, if it isn’t intellectualising it too much, how does it edify? Particularly when you don’t really know what you are saying?” I admit that this perspective comes from my overly thought tuned brain and my incessant need to understand, and although I have worked through much of this before he said something interesting. I did sort of know the answer, but he used the word “control” in relation to thought. The word control always flicks on a few warning lights for me as it is an area I do battle with fairly regularly. Interesting.

I am truly grateful for what God has done in putting me at Vineyard (church). I was so entirely ready to quit and try elsewhere and I had several people encourage me to ‘hang on for a few more weeks’. It’s such a fantastic, unique group of people. It’s so amazingly good to be where there are likemindeds (if I can steal your phrase Paul). Church is pretty good as a whole, but it helps so much more to have that group travelling, or beginning to, alongside you. Quality rings loud. I am so glad I was convinced to give it a last shot. Thank you also here to those who prayed for ‘all that church crap’. I am still fairly cynical about many things at Church but that’s not going to change regardless of where I am and until I work through a bit more. It’s good to keep a healthy questioning mind even in the most comfortable of situations. Continued prayer for well, I guess not letting my mind so entirely bash everything up that I forget to take away from it would be good as it can be an issue.

Oh and this is where I briefly diverge from the doings of the day?

As a throwback to my blahhing on about praying for your future spouse, check this post out.

My that was fun writing all this. Lets do it again some time!


  1. said:

    So did you get an answer on the tongues question? I’m gathering from what you wrote, you got some gammets of an answer – however, I was discussing this tonight, and am interested. I’d just ask you to fill me in, but you so rudely disappeared without saying goodbye. Yes, rude. You. Always. Rude.

    (me too)

    April 13, 2006
  2. said:

    “it was working three seconds ago on my computer”

    Haha. Story of my uni demo career.

    In the end I started installing all the dev environments on my laptop and hauling it in to class. But you obviously can’t do that because Macs aren’t compatible with anything. Except Macs. Which you don’t have. Though I hear you can install windows on the new ones.

    Enjoy the rest of Nice Thursday.

    April 13, 2006
  3. said:

    mm the ‘my computer’ was reffering to the computer I was working on in the lab. It was a Mac. explain that :

    April 13, 2006

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