Under where?

To share and record a rather funny moment:

Sam ended up staying over. I’d had a shower while she took over my msn. I swapped places with her and she was stuffing around trying to find her missing underwear. So she and Laura are chatting and searching away, “I know I bought them!” and so on and so forth. Laura’s like, “You should borrow some of Becs” to which my response was, “No way, thats kind of disgusting.”. I’m sitting online and getting the dvd ready when I stand up. My PJ pants are halfway down my butt – which is fairly normal as I dont’ really bother tying them up very tight. Laura’s forever telling me to pull them up and she was about to do so again, when they both start laughing. It turns out that I grabbed hers (Sam’s) which were sitting on my bed. I have a pair almost exactly the same. I appoligised profusely after doing my own share of haha’s. The rest need not be told, but she’ll get them back someday. I promise Sam!


  1. said:

    Hypocrisy really is below the belt.

    April 16, 2006

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