I woke up this morning with itchy eyes. Not a good start.

Drove to Chirnside for my appointment at the Optometrist’s.
Nina is insanely nice (had her last time), she showed me the ropes, talked me through it, made me practice etc. Gave me an extra big bottle of solution and told me to hide it from the receptionist as she was only meant to give me a little one. Contacts feel a bit strange, but its a really good feeling to be able to see without glasses. Due to a prescription change and the ‘new glasses’ feeling, she suggested I didn’t drive home with them – I thoroughly agreed.

There’s a cliched compliment that says that the colour of your shirt (or equivalent) brings out the colour in your eyes. I’m wearing a red jumper today. I have a headache.

It’s great. I was happy. Didn’t have to pay anything yet and booked in for an appointment next Thursday to check them.

I get home and after messing around for a while I go and decide I’ll put them in.

I have NEVER been more pissed off at myself. I am disappointed, embarassed and really not very happy. I managed to drop one – the first one. Laura and I had a really good look around, but it must have taken the route down one of four tiny gaps in the hole in the sink. Of all things!

My reaction? Take your pick, but the language kaleidescoped in my head for a moment or three. Now I have to get over myself and call Merringtons and let them know what happened. *Sigh*

There’s a little bit of funny to it, but I’m really not impressed.

*5:30ish update:
Called them up, went back as she had the other ‘trial’ pair there. I now have one of each kind – strange. I’m not going to bother tonight as my eyes feel so sore and I have a whallop of a headache behind my eyes. It’s been a lousy day, but a huge thank you to Sam, who had lunch (Morrisons) and came out with me afterwards and one to Geoff too, for being excellent.

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