Every single time!

Any time I have anywhere I have to dress up for even just slightly, I get accosted.

Emily and Hannah’s eyes light up and I start hearing, “It’ll look natural… just a little bit… if I do this you can have…” and Mum starts using horrid phrases like ‘dolled up’ (no joke. it’s cringe worthy 3,000,000 times and she knows I despise it).

Anyway so tonight it’s a 21st. Nothing that fancy. Emily insisted interferring as the Haigs is out at her own party. I had my way by refusing to wear what she tried to make me and am wearing exactly what I intended to. She got turned down for foundation, mascara etc… but managed a little bit of I don’t know what.

Such bother! I mean really, if makeup is going to ‘look natural’ and ‘hardly be seen’ and it’s night-time anyway and the lights I doubt will be up to sun-type standards, then what’s really much of the point? Look a little bit. Whatever, I can deal with it, it can look nice but why is it ever that important!

General Life

Well a bit boring to poke another ‘media of the moment’ type thing at you. But yesterday I managed to come across the new Leigh Nash CD, “Blue on Blue” (former lead singer of Sixpence None the Richer). I knew it was coming out in August and was intending to get my hands on it, but not expecting it to be around so soon.

Anyway, it’s a winner. Probably on the more ‘cheesy’ end of the scale of music I listen to – much more ‘pop’ than Sixpence stuff. But her voice is beautiful and you can either ‘no brainer’ the thing or have a decent listen. It was declared ‘liked’ immediately by at least Laura and Hannah. I guess you could compare it slightly to Sarah McLaughlan – not that I really know any of her stuff. Same producer guy, same genre apparently. Just sort of… hmm, fun, enjoyable and a lot less depressing than a lot of Sixpence Stuff. Written mostly to/about her husband and son with the underlying ‘God stuff’ poked in there pretty subtley (true Sixpence style) now and then.

Favourite songs thus far would probably have to be Along the Wall or Never Finish.

General Music