All in a day’s standing around

Oh the lovelys of Connex. However much I detest and love the thing (simply because it saves me money on petrol) I really don’t appreciate it taking me 3hrs to get to uni. Leaving at 7:42am and getting there around 11:42am (pretty well on the dot) is not exactly preferable. Mind you, it’s probably a little bit to much to just blame on the train system. A good bit of blame must go as an almighty round of applause to Eastlink.

On the lighter side. My morning made the Herald Sun and I had company pretty much the whole way. We managed to say a quick hi to James while waiting for about an hour in a line that just kept on going, got a seat on the bus, experienced three kinds – no, make that four, ways of getting from A to B, Adrian was nice and caught me up on the whole class of Studio that I managed to miss (5 minutes sure beats 2hrs), and I still got my assignment in on time!

I have never seen a line of people that long before! (The photo – thanks Herald Sun, was pretty much exactly like it was but unfortunately doesn’t show how far down it went) The comments on the Herald Sun article are quite amusing (some guy hitch-hiked – which was definitely one of the options being discussed by those around us). I was not at all impressed with ‘miss smoker in the silver plastic vest’. She lit up in the middle of the crowd, jumped the queue and gave the uggliest greasy I’ve ever seen to some woman who told her off. Other than that it was all pretty peaceful, pretty amusing and fairly annoying.

Just glad I was not coming from Belgrave – or it would’ve been ten times worse.

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