It’s always pretty exciting when I hit on a new blog that I really want to keep tabs on.

As you might know, I’m a pretty regular reader of the Boundless Webzine – which I find thoroughly thought provoking and often bring up their content. They play a large part in giving my mind/heart a poke which usually results in something I share on here.

So much to my delight, this morning’s check of my email bought to my attention that Boundless are going “Live”. They’re starting a blog. This means more ‘articles’, more often. Whoop-de-doo!

Boundless Line

While I’m talking about blogs, I might as well give you an insight into a few more that I’ve noticed recently.

The Rebelution (yep it’s aimed at teens but an interesting line up of articles and posts here)
Between Two Worlds (only noticed this one today, apparently it’s got a good rap.)
My Life as a Christian (not sure how long this one will last on my rss, but something must have caught my eye or it wouldn’t have made it there)
Jason Clark (conversations about church)
Missionary Blogs (I had a bit of a laugh -and I’m allowed to, because I was subject to this situation- but if you want to keep tabs on some stuff going on around the world, its probably not a bad place to start)

and some that I’ve been reading for a while now
Pro-Blogger (If you blog you should possibly read this now and then)
Waiter Rant (For a laugh)
Out of Ur (For reading when I’m not tired because there is some fantastic stuff here – it just requires a bit of brain)
Girl Talk
Solo Femininity

and all that saying, my blogging’ness really is very passive. I read and seldom comment – something I should redeem.

Please, please share any good ones.

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  1. said:

    Thanks for linking to me! I appreciate it.

    September 11, 2006

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