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I am restless this morning. There are absolutely no conclusive reasons why I should be. So I am up and very awake and listening to classical music. Why shouldn’t I blog?

It would do to mention that we had the 10 year Aniversery/Reunion for Year in the Son the other evening. The hall at Tabor was packed out and there was this contagious buzz which made the introvert in me disappear for a good while. It was great to see the majority of the crew again. I am not pleased with myself that I hardly talked at all to Katie and Jo and couldn’t even find them when I was leaving. I had FAR too many compliments comments about me looking different without my glasses.

Tom caught me just before we went up to get food and we had a very decent chat – and I think he suceeded in getting me just about as close to giggling about something as I ever have. The other notable conversation of the evening was with Tony. I’m always grateful to not waste an evening small talking. I’d much rather use my time effectively on one person than ineffectively on twenty.

The electricity in the area’s grid went out just as the speeches really got going. So it was tea-light candles, desert and no hope of finding anyone in the dark for a good hour. I think it possibly improved the evening.

The following morning Jess VW had planned for whoever of our year was sticking around to have breakfast together (a lot of them slept at Tabor). I took my sisters to work as I had gone home to sleep and arrived about 9:00am. They were all still in bed. I went and played the nasty “Wake up! I’m hungry” role. By 10:30 (no joke, it took them ages!) we were eating in the pancake palour after being joined by a very jovial (hehe) Sam – because Steve is over. Jess, Jane and Lex (that’s Alecia to you) somehow ended up eating elsewhere… I can’t say I was overly impressed at having to wait so long for food and the whole, it’s all organised, wasn’t.

Spent the afternoon with Geoff. Where I showed him Yerring Station. Which was a pretty good way to spend a Saturday!

An Indian evening at Kat’s place where I got to meet more of Geoff’s school friends. I’ve now met Beth quite a few times and already know Mick and Kat through church, so it’s all pretty easy. Much fun, great food and the chocolate game.

…and, I really should get going or I’m not going to get breakfast before church.

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