So you haven’t heard recently of those picking on my poor car.

I’m not sure if I mentioned the vegemite squashed onto my windscreen?

Last night was by far the worst. We were cooking some meals with the rest of the crew (these meals go out to the community and it was what we decided to run with for this weeks young ad’s thing). I did end up getting a face full of flour and wasn’t happy at all about it – having contacts in. I did think that was the end of it.

By the end of the evening my car (and Geoff’s car – I guess you get targetted by association) had flour all over it. The cars were wet, due to this rare phenomeon we call rain. I was not impressed. It took a while going over with buckets of water to simply clear the windscreens enough to drive home.

I am even less impressed now. I’ve just spent almost an hour with the hose, hot water and other stuff scraping this mucky pastey crap off pretty much everywhere. This hour could’ve been a lot better spent.

I don’t usually believe in retalliation but I’ve been seriously considering bending the rules this once. Not happy.

Any idea’s would be welcome, his name is Daniel if you would like to deal with him in person.

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Last year I had a class run by this guy (Mark Sayers) on practical evangelism. I now find out he blogs every so often. Some very interesting stuff about youth related mission.

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Some photos from the YITS reunion night can be found over on Tom’s flickr account. This is Tom by the way – and me. We were ‘nerd’ friends (and hopefully a bit more than that) through last year. He blogs over here and lives much too far away to see even close to frequently. He’s a funny man. If you ever get the chance ask to read his ‘book’ and tell him to hurry up and finish it.

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