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triumph of the day: Getting some Java Script to properly validate after a very messy mess around in some code.

random freak thing: Today I became an ‘actor’ for one of Jess’ uni friends Analee mini movie. She sent me a text message saying I didn’t have to really act. I ended up pretending to be dead, running away and falling down some stairs, in the view of a lot of people just passing by. Wow that girl owes me big time!

enjoyable moment(s): Seeing Geoff this morning. Afternoon tea with Samantha where I talked my head off. We covered a lot of ground in 45minutes.

low scumb fall to temptation: It’s a difficult thing when you’ve been at uni all day and you have to come back through a food court, a maccas, a coffeeshop and numerous other food outlets on the way to your train. It’s particularily difficult when you have to wait half an hour because you’ve just missed the last one.

I managed to curb actually buying anything (like clothes) early on after starting at Deakin. By restricting myself to ‘just looking’- I have about 20 minutes minimum to waste at BoxHill each uni day. There isn’t anywhere except the food court to sit, so that’s how I waste time.

The last minute pass by Maccas/Gosh coffee is really surprisingly hard. I’m usually pretty good with how I use my money, but it’s getting horribly easy to give in. I sucessfully refused getting anything (except a present for someone) which I was pleased about. I got onto the platform and some bout of insanity took hold and I ‘had a look’ in the food stall. $2.70 later I had some hot chips. I was immediately not impressed. I couldn’t eat all of them and frankly I wasn’t even really that hungry.

I thought about it a lot on the way home. Too much maybe. Sometimes I do turn trivial things like that into much larger issues. After I decided it probably wasn’t so much worth beating myself up over giving- and feeling decidedly not all that good for eating them in the first place, I thought about how I do spend money. I’ve been thinking about it a fair bit lately actually.

I had a conversation with Jess W about money and spending habits – on her prompting about a week ago. God and money and how much we should ‘consult’ him before we spend. Everything? Yay/nay or is that too wishwashy? Or is it afterall the principle beneath. The conciousness/acknowledgement (or other word with 12+ letters that’s relevant) of God.

It’s a well known fact that I’m a Dutchy stinge and it’s a personal realisation that I’ve gotten far less concerned about it in the past 6 months – which I think is probably a good thing, because I know I’ve been far too tight fisted. When it comes down to it. I don’t care a lot about money. It’s not something I have an awful lot of in terms of ‘Western gurus’, but it’s not something I lack.

Care to start up a ‘buy Bec a digital camera’ fund? Don’t. I’ll refuse your money.

I do think I’m hitting a bit of a point where it can get a bit trivial. I spend a fair bit of money on coffee – although I’ve found $1 coffee’s now so that’s alright. I often get out of bed too late to get enough food for lunch so there’s that. And sure you can ‘do it cheaply’ BUT if I was less lazy and got out of bed sooner, it’d be wiser.

So. From today or tomorrow perhaps. I shall be keeping better track of where the loose change is going. It doesn’t hurt to be a little bit free occasionally, but the other shrapnel could be going somewhere better. It’s also got just a little bit to do with good stewardship. But hey, that’s a whole big book issue. Lets start with the surface level stuff. Grow up and realise that your theology should underpin your life Rebecca.

Tim’s running young ad’s tonight, I’ve got some inside info in whats going to happen. I’ve decided to hold off on posting any community related thoughts (which was the blog post that is coming) as I might just get a few more tonight. Here’s to banding together!

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