Well, so much for promises. Any made on here seem to be as empty as my head is.

Java Script Validation blah-de-blah gave me more trouble than I thought possible. But due to some very well meaning nerd friends (who tried to help – even dredged up someone from the past for me) but really one very cluey someone who saved my sanity, I got started and managed to work the rest out myself – which meant removing one form field because I (dare I admit it) couldn’t be stuffed.

It was a frustrating day really.

I’m not sure what’s happened with me and deadlines. I used to have things done well before the day and I find now that I’m cutting things down to about the hour – absurdly enough my marks haven’t changed. Which leads me to wonder what I could’ve done with all those extra hours that I poured into ‘perfecting the finer details’.

The problem here is that being who I am, quite likes the finer details and the job not really well done isn’t half as satisfying, nor does it sit as nicely with my conscience (or whoever happens to be on the blame plate.)

Why the heck Rebecca are you up at this hour? You probably don’t go around reading the “time I posted” information, but in case you do, here’s some kind of explanation. I have had equivalent to approximately a litre of Coke, some fairy floss, a brownie… and mm yeah that’s about it in the past 5 hours or so. That sounds pretty bad, now I write it out.

Why. Truth be told, and hey Mum is going to read this eventually, so what. They’ve (That being the Parentals and the two little sisters) been away for the week and get back tomorrow. Mum Dad left a request that all the ironing be done by the time that happens.

At about 7:30 this evening Laura and I happened to remember that we’d better do something about it. We unearthed a solution; went to the video (or should we start calling it dvd) shop up the road, to get out three possibly degenerative choices and capitolised on what sugar we could find.

So after – Sliding Doors, Four Weddings and a Funeral -neither of which I’d seen before, the ironing was done. 50:50 split with a spill or few of coke and water (one of which was for the iron, one for myself). We then looked at the clock and decided to, “Why not watch the last”.

The third choice, was probably not exactly your typical hum… 20yrs/youth/adult choice. We had the old versions on video and loved them when we were younger and probably still own them. We also remember Mum reading the book aloud. We also, also hadn’t bothered to see it when it was re-released. So, 5 Children and It. Freak variation, with the classic ‘Eccentric’ line which, coupled with the hour, had me laughing pretty hard. Odd though. Don’t know if I really liked it that much. Not quite the magic the story used to have.

It is now 2am (at least). I’ve worked out that I have to go into Uni tomorrow to hand in two assignments – Goodbye all plans of a relaxing ‘at home’ day. The one that caused the heartache earlier and the Folio for ‘Foundations of Design’ of which NO-ONE has been told a thing about, there is nothing about assesment up online at all, she hasn’t mentioned a squeak and when we were going to ask her the tute was cancelled. All we all know is that we have to submit 5 images by some time on the 22nd of September, now today. As the situation pans out, I only really have 4 of these images as we had a substitute tutor for three weeks who took the class to new heights by creating his own cirriculum. So I have dredged up a 5th and can hopefully talk my way into fitting it into the bigger picture. Of which I have absolutely no idea how that is going to work and don’t know that I will be able to when it comes to it. Oh, did I forget to mention – this assignment is worth 50% of the Subject.

How much I love Deakin and it’s P (see Myers Briggs) tendancies!

I confess I am more worried about the one field I cut out of my form validation (assignment all up worth 10% of the subject) than that folio. I know she likes my work, so I’m hoping my hardest to lean on the 4 decent and definitely valid images.

And I was going to go to bed early tonight…


  1. said:

    That all sounds so familiar.

    You’ll pass. Complain to the uni about the poor staffing and poor communication of expectations.

    September 22, 2006
  2. Anonymous said:

    ahh the joys of computer programming, not a strong point for Susannah

    September 24, 2006

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