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I’ve probably mumbled something on here about doing an assignment on Viral Marketing. And maybe my official stint at Deakin is nearly over but… hey look here’s the chance for you to get something and there’s absolutely no harm in me still helping to promote stuff.

“Now it is up to us to get people to visit and also email us that they have visited and how come they knew about it. So whats in it for them apart from some funny stuff?
We have two iPod Shuffles to give away. Anyone who emails is entered in the draw. One name will be randomly selected. If that winner has told us who pointe
d them to the site then that person will also win an iPod Shuffle.”


Email that address. Visit Prank Daddy and make sure you include your name (and my name, be nice) in the email.

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mikasa cups

Well, yesterday afternoon Samantha and I went downtown and happened to have a poke around in the Salvo’s OpShop. Contrary to the very non-spontaneous person I am, my eyes lighted on this rather suave looking set of cups. I maintain that the photo doesn’t do them justice.

I think have a bit of a thing for mugs and the like. They are some Mikasa brand – which apparently is reasonably decent, not that I’d know, they are clearly very retro. They don’t have any chips and cost me a grand total of $2.50 (I hit on it being half price on purple tag day).

My only disappointment is that two of the cups and saucers – there are six, are the same colour and not all different. Really can’t complain.

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