Introverts come out to play

chips on the mountainI don’t often get quite sick of being around people (unless it’s a party – “I don’t like parties”) but I’ve just about had enough. It’s all been fantastic but I was counting a little on getting some ‘me’ time this Holiday. “Just me” I can assure you, is never a selfish motivation – who wants to be a loner (pick me! pick me!)?

Sunday saw the few of us from Church who were around off and out to lunch. Finished up there and we all trecked out to Geoff’s to conclude a fine, somewhat hilarious (or embarrassingly amusing) afternoon. We were still at it by 6ish so we got fish and chips and went up the mountain. I foolishly left my car lights on again, but we managed to resuscitate it without the aid of RACV. Drove back in bucketing rain.

Monday, I ran my fingers hoarse putting books up on Ebay. Picked up Dawn from the station and Sam and bummed around (I was still working) until we had to head off to Darryn’s for the fortnightly Monday catchup with some of the YITS crew. Brilliant evening. Light hearted with a weighter conclusion. Ate far too much satay chicken pizza – amongst other maltezery type things.

Dawn stayed the night – because doing the trip back to Castlemaine is not exactly smart when you don’t finish up until midnight. Nor really possible – seeing as she came by train.

AND… *breathe*

Today Dawn and I went to Word where I succumbed to a John Piper book and another and drove back to Eastland to meet Sam again. Dawn had to catch her back into the city and Sam and I spent the rest of the afternoon roaming shops and op-shops and not really buying anything at all.

I am peopled out. Give me tomorrow as my own.

some new photos up on Flickr

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  1. said:

    John Piper, Oh dear. Christina has been reading some of his stuff plus mp3s. Gruff sort of fellow.

    November 14, 2006

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