Handel’s Messiah Take 2

About this time a year ago I started investigating going to see Handels Messiah performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

It is possibly my all time favourite piece(s) of Classical music and it carries with it a mountain of sentimentality of Christmases past.

So. Tonight I get online to hunt for two tickets – C reserve (ie: cheapest, or it starts getting ridiculous) and there are none, zip, nothing.
…what a bummer. It’s now: try every few days and hope for the best, or pay up big and I don’t want to do that.

Maybe I should just save my money up for a different theatre’ish experience? You don’t know of anyone other than the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performing it around this area do you?

*ah ha! the Royal Philharmonic Society at the Melbourne Town Hall… might have to be the goer.

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