angry girlCudgel was word of the day today. A short stick for hitting. That’s a rough definition.

It feels somewhat tonight like my brain has been whacked with a cudgel.

It’s not sore, nor anywhere remotely headachey, it’s just really not working. NB: I was called ditzy and missed conversations and made a fool of myself amongst other things like losing sorely at Boggle. Ahhh and you were going to get a nice, well thought out post that’s been stewing in my head for at least two days. Oh to find the time to write it!

I believe I’ll let the bear in me (or my head) rein tonight – good thing it’s time for bed. Don’t you love those moments when you are totally unimpressed with everything that you can’t quite pin down.

Aydan and Melissa get married tomorrow. I went to school with them both. So here’s to tomorrow and to sleep.

Today was good for seeing people, I’d need both hands to list them off there were that many – mostly unintentional. Perhaps I just need to hole up for a bit.

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