fishsmall.jpgWow, to be hit with two whoppers of emails… (kind of).

The first was a link from my Dad about a job. Communications stuff (eg. Graphics) in a Church. I have considered it and did the harmless: sent off for more information. It would be a bit bizarre working at another church but what-ho, if it’s suitable and I’m suitable then well, it is quite possibly a very good thing.

The second email was from Stephen Said (TEAR) about a program I am invited to be involved in throughout the year, covering areas in: Stewardship, Reflective Spirituality and Active Spirituality… It’s a pending descision. It’s fee-less but does require a 12 month commitment and various meet ups. To be honest it would challenge me VERY positively. The question is, does God want me there for this year, do I really want that kind of challenge, can I afford the time (yes, silly girl), do I need to be involved in ‘yet another thing’?


Today I am also an official Swinburne Student and still a Deakin student until I un-enroll. For possible exemptions and credit on subjects, I have to make another trip in on Wednesday. Not sure if I’ll get any but lets hope so if only to save a little on my HECS debt. Crazy how different university enrollments play out – this was as laid back and small as Deakin is massive and organised. No mug ID card yet and I have to attend an orientation day. I also stopped off in Richmond on my way back and had a superb latte in a very-bec cafe ie: book laden, decent music, nice smell – if only coffee were cheaper!

It’ll be very very interesting to see how this year pans out.

I’m excited!


  1. said:

    That sounds really exciting for you Bec!

    January 22, 2007
  2. said:

    …if only coffee were cheaper!

    *refuses to believe you actually just said that*

    January 25, 2007

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