Too Latte?

52982_pl.jpgYesterday I began to have thoughts again about another coffee detox.  After contemplating it for maybe five minutes or so I realised that I was going out the following day (that’s today) for coffee with Susannah and then perhaps Analise. Not a good time to impliment anything of the sort.

I came to the conclusion that it’s, no coffee for me when I’m out on my own and just happen to pass somewhere, I have to be out with someone for the whole morning/afternoon tea thing or it has to be the rare occasion I specificially take myself out for an afternoon. This of course will not be too much of a shock to the system until I go back to uni – which is also probably when I will reinstate limits instead of an entire ban.

Today of course I come across the following article: Giving Up the Latte. They’re hounding me! Perhaps I can rigidly record every single dollar I spend at cafes and so scare myself?

By the way… don’t bother with the Gloria Jean’s new Vanilla Honey Chai Latte it’s horribly sweet and I did genuinely feel sick after it.

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