You don’t realise how much crap you own until you try clearing out your entire room.

Box count: 3
Bags of books: 4

I apparently have to take the majority of my books, which is a bit of a worry theres seems to be an awful lot.

That Box/Bag count is only just the beginning, it feels like I’ve hardly even made a dent.


sunshine.gifTypography this morning where the Tutor is English and very amusing, it should be fun. Met a few more people and had quite a satisfactory gathering in the break.

Digital Design is the class I’m trying to wrangle my way out of in terms of excemptions – today I got a taster. I honestly think I’d be okay in ‘going without’ although I’d have to crash teach myself some Adobe Illustrator skills.

Our first class was on Illustrator, apparently Photoshop will follow. She with no prior experience gets the one computer that hates it’s user. Oh it logged me on, but I couldn’t access anything or get online after two clicks or copy and paste. Really weird. Anyway after finally convincing the tutor that I really had restarted and relogged back in about five times, he worked out that there was some girl in our class that didn’t belong there. She got kicked out, I got her computer. Things were right with the world.

Illustrator is fiddly and will take a bit of getting used to. I can see myself (or whoever) doing extremely cool stuff with it, but after the computer fiasco, I didn’t have the patience. That’s something else I have to do before next week.

Then I was waiting at the train station and this random guy comes up and asks if I got my extension. What? I only half recognised his face and didn’t really have much of a clue at all. I think I established that he had his appointment straight after me and probably had to wait because I was late (among other things). They bumped him straight to second year. “Second years are all rather cliquey”. Perhaps he was lonely? Ho hum. Bit random. Nice guy, with a name I can’t fully remember. Something like Hu Wei.

Tired again. My own fault – she who stays up til all hours only to have to get up at 6am deserves to be.

Design Uni


Swinburne. Day 1.

I’m exhausted. 9:00am-5:30pm. Much of it would have to do with camp. I left the house at 7:00am, got home at 6:45pm.

I can even go so far to say that I am excited to be back studying. Here’s to Communication Design somewhere reputable! They are unbelievably professional about things in comparison to Deakin. Sad but true. Get-to-know-you games were almost non-existent. It was an immediate dropping in the deep-end. All very full on. Homework already.

The first six weeks are pretty much tech free, (uh oh) or at least in the classes I’ve had thus far. It’s going to undoubtedly challenge me and challenge my pocket ($). Illustration of any kind – all this ‘hands on’ art isn’t my forte.

There is a rule about no symmetry . yrtemmys on tuoba elur a si erehT

None. You lose marks if you steer into boxes and balance. Some of this makes me sad. I quite like symmetry when it’s used well.

The people I’ve met friendly and actually want to be there. You gradually crank up the list of those you know. I can count five now. One has a replica time-table to me which is no mean feat!

Shock: Art supplies are expensive (I did know that) and I have to get a whole lot of them (I didn’t know that).

I am so incredibly thankful I have an A3 printer. Everything is to be done on A3. Freak fetish.

I’m too tired to write properly *I have now revised the above entry.

This is going to be a lot of work but at the moment I don’t care. I intend to enjoy myself.

…and the opp shops on Chapel Street are mad!


blackman.jpgBeen and gone.

Too tired last night to blog about it all. I didn’t even get to my well overloaded RSS reader until about half an hour ago.

Youth Camp.

It flew by. It was hard work. I’d had enough at one point late Saturday it got a bit too much. Retreated to my tent and slept. Organising food is stressful – someone else’s job next time.

God did some good stuff.

We were rained out Saturday morning (not good when you’re camping – especially with a lot of girls). Campsite was roomy but small. Do you like that contrast? It felt safe and I’d use the place again.

The swimming pool was relief.

Had some great chats and quality hanging out with the girls during Sunday.

Glad it’s over. Glad I went. Hope they had fun. Hope they’ll come back. Hope God will continue doing stuff there.



I’ve been running around crazily buying food etc. for camp. We start tonight at a campsite and run over the weekend. We have 15-16 kids and 7 (not all at one time) leaders. Someone else was supposedly doing food but they aren’t coming up until later. So now that’s for me to deal with. It takes quite a bit to feed 25. It’s also fun shopping when you can do it cheaply. Extreme delight when I go up to the registar and the supposed mental minimum isn’t even met.

Yes I shop with lists.

No I don’t touch much that isn’t on the list.

Perhaps in moving out the whole budgeting thing won’t be that much of an issue.

I started laughing in the car on the way to the shops with the odd realisation that I am soley (with the exception of throwing a few ideas at Geoff and watching them come back with an, “okay”.) entirely responsible for something. Other than you know, just keeping me the way I’d like to be kept.

Cooking Ministry