Let’s make that FOUR shall we?

large060913.jpgAh the things you discover when you go looking – the things they don’t make all that clear. How misleading! How decietful! How silly of me not to check.

It seems that if I want to do industry placement with Communication Design (at 3rd year) – which I can assure you I want to do – unless I am a complete flop and cannot come up with a Credit average, (in which it becomes a non-option), then I am automatically obliged to do a fourth year honors.

Thats right four whole big fat long fun years at uni.

Ahh the delays, the setbacks, the already being three years out of school! My oh my! Does it never end!

(Shutup Rebecca and get into a course and finish something!)


  1. said:

    Pffft. Be a professional student for the rest of your life.

    Think about it in terms of the $80,000 worth of FEE-HELP that will be available to you after you’ve finished your undergrad course to potter away at whatever strikes your fancy for the rest of your life.

    Rebecca Ph.D.

    I reckon you’re one of the few people I could see doing that and actually taking them seriously at the same time.

    February 15, 2007
  2. said:

    I am in a postition to criticise :o)

    February 15, 2007
  3. said:

    welcome to my world!

    February 16, 2007

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