Some more paper

dali-slee.jpg“I have friends asking me to tell them when you’re getting married so that they’ll know when they can move in.” – Isobelle (my housemate) and it made me laugh.

That’s it. Full on, really thoughtful blog. Evil Monday nights. After a shopping trip where I forgot to get eggs and a brief catch up with my yitsers in scoffing some well wanted food – cheers to Dave for living a good 2 minutes away, I came home. There, I chugged fairly steadily through most of my homework/class prep. required for tomorrow. I am kind of stressed out in the tired, too much on, way

I’d love a little head space, a little extra time, a little more creative genius and the handicraft to match.

I spent $8 on a photocopier today. The rate of paper we go through at uni is terrifying… and I bet I’ve said that before.

Wednesday morning I have another meeting regarding my exemption. It’d be really quite useful and helpful to get this one – prayer would be nice. A little eloquence, a little confidence, a little preparedness and some God very present.

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