Scoop and the Town

scoop.jpgGeoff and I managed to catch Scoop tonight.

Lighthearted, kind of strange in a quirky way, predictable but I think they meant it – which means it’s okay and it really was quite funny although I can see why people wouldn’t like it. If you’re after a fun evening that won’t jar your brain, definitely bother.

I have somehow missed the whole Woody Allen thing… so I can’t compare it with any other of his films (as I don’t know what they are)… I didn’t realise he was in the film until afterwards.

For my, ‘have a sleep in the afternoon’ state this was the perfect entertainment – movie form. I very much enjoyed myself. Scarlett Johansson seems to be able to make something of most roles and as a general rule, post experience, the movie will ‘be okay’ if she’s in it.

There were some absolutely wacky bits. Quite different.

Another movie I’ve seen recently is Elizabethtown. It is a little in the flavour of Garden State, but clearly not half as well acted. I still quite liked it. It got me laughing. Characters weren’t as well developed but still likeable. Orlando Bloom is a boring actor (or looks like a girl/elf) and Kirsten Dunst’s Claire is just odd. I have been warned not to watch it a second time, I am pleased I caught it a first.

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