Humdrums, falling oranges and let your little light shine

arabian_illustrator_about_herbs_treatise_by_dioscorid_lentil_fine_art_prints_s.jpgIgnoring the doom and gloom of last night’s post and proceeding on in merry: still too much else to do to write decently fashion, today I finally came to the realisation that it was Autumn. I did have to be told and I should’ve known as I am quite aware that my birthday takes place in this altogether fine season of lovely colours and noisy leaves.

It’s a rather large birthday this year. The big Twenty One. Part of my evening was spent discussing and mentally drooling over deserts with my sister for our will-be-late 21st. I’d say all my readers are invited, but you aren’t – we are space limited and hey you could just be some random internet person. Being a twin now for 20 odd years I am finally getting used to sharing my birthday. Maybe. I still had the debate over the two cakes or one.

Laura and I forever seem to wind up never buying or having a present ready for eachother on the day. It’s always a few weeks or months down the track when we’ll realise while consumerising (I did just make that up) and say, “I want this, can you buy it for my present? I’ll get you something.”And we do, and that’s how it works and that’s how I like it.

This year that unspoken law will be enforced due to a severe lack of finances. We have however set the often stingy bar of cost a fraction higher.

Aside from recognising the season I am also coming to terms with the fact that apparently you have to make some kind of small (or large) speech at your 21st.

I do not like public speaking however I’m beginning to feel the pressure to ‘get over it’ from certain individuals that know me quite well… The strange boy likes public speaking!

If I can fit the word conceive into my speech, money shall come my way. Anyone willing to top the $5 bet?

Don’t expect much. I’ll make sure I transcribe it here so those of you that missed out can see what amazing words I have to share.


  1. said:

    21. I remember 21. It was a long time ago but I remember it. 🙂

    The speech should be easy. Just say thanks to everyone and tell them that you find it impossible to even ‘conceive’ the idea that one could be surrounded by a better group of friends and family.

    March 23, 2007
  2. said:

    Oi! Rodney – no fair! You’re not supposed to help 😛

    March 23, 2007
  3. said:

    $6 if you also include the word “bedroom” within +/- 2 words of the word “conceive” without making it sound shonky.

    Alternatively, quickly refer to Geoff as “engaging” so that everyone does a double-take. 😛 Assuming he hasn’t already got something shiny on your left hand by then. If it hasn’t happened by the party, I’ll be taking bets amongst your friends as to whether or not he drops the knee during a 21st speech.

    I’m looking forward to a Bec speech. You have a way with words but also a way with being quiet… so I quite like the idea of watching such an epic internal conflict playing itself out.

    March 23, 2007
  4. said:

    +$20 if it is in the context of babies. Perhaps more if in context of your own 😛

    March 23, 2007
  5. said:

    hehehehe…this is going to be a freakin rad speech! cant wait lol

    March 24, 2007
  6. said:

    Oh my…. let’s see how much the poverty stricken student sucumbs to! Can’t wait till the 19th Bec!

    P.S have you printed the invites yet?

    Twin 1

    March 24, 2007

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