Socks, balloons and productivity

This blog today was described by one of my youth girls as one with those ‘socks at the top’.

We received some very positive feedback from at least one of the kids today. Youth is definitely a ministry with mountains if not whole glaciers of issues, mostly in where to take it but it’s encouraging to see God working in this kid’s life quite significantly and have him say directly that youth has been a huge part of that.

The other feedback received from after church today was that now people outside my immediate family have placed bets on, “When it’s all going to happen” (the Geoff me thing) which is, I think, highly amusing a little because it’s really just no secret to anyone that it’s heading in that direction.

I was party hopping yesterday between Katerina and Jess VW’s 21st’s. Both significantly different. Kat is half Croatian so there was some pretty impressive and some slightly unusual food along with a rowdy 80’s theme. Not as many people I knew as I thought there’d be – although she was space limited. The evening at Jess’ I spent much of helping Geoff run around attempting to fix techie things, but that was a classy/enjoyable/dessert and sit around chatting (+ dancing for some) time. Each party was quite enjoyable although I was incredibly full by Jess’s, sadly so as the desserts were insanely good (here’s to being given ‘take home’ leftovers!).

I also heard from my cousin Jaclyn who is currently over nannying in Canada. She’s guest blogged over on outWORD it’s good to hear what she’s been up to – she’s very, very good quality and the closest female cousin to my age.

While I’m bits and pieces blogging, I have devised a strategy to solve my, ‘must get on top of homework’ dilemma. It does I admit involve wagging a class or two but will conserve what would otherwise be wasted time. I like being effective, productive and what not and it’d be nice to have a clean room again that displays that in all its glory.

For now I must sleep. There is a more significant thought based post coming sometime, it’s been brewing, I just have to find the appropriate mental energy.

Perhaps tomorrow night…

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