A brief shout out to a few friends of mine who are blogging the moments of life.

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Measured Words

In terms my own moments… the terribly odd March heatwave has crushed my motivation to do very much at all. It is an effort to keep the house clean and my spawning of sorting (a month or so back before I got busy with work) has left a trail of destruction that is messing with my perceived comfort levels. The study is a bomb. The baby is also so terribly not into sleeping its not funny, with a record of waking four times between 10 and 1am (what!? how is this even possible!). Lent continues… without me playing along terribly well (did you just read the few sentences above… they are quite clearly complaint) however it is making me much more aware of when I do ‘waste words’. Lent, this year, if I have not said before is about not complaining simply for the sake of it. Terribly enlightening (and perhaps a little depressing) to recognise how much of my conversation is really rather negative.

I have this ‘old’ song on record – accordingly. It is beautiful truth.

O Holy God of Truth
O loving God of mercy
Compassionate God of life
Forgiveness to me give

In my wanton talk
In my lying oath
In my foolish deeds
My empty speech

As Thou wast before
At my life’s beginning
Be Thou so again
At my journey’s end

Soul Survivor for the year fast approaches. I have been shooting some more weddings which makes me super happy and getting more photography enquiries which is exciting and I am going to to discuss what work could look like back at Blick (design studio) for a day or two a week later today… or not at all (beyond freelancing for them) – which is a scary prospect for the bank account but could be liberating. Our ‘diet’ continues, it’s not too hard and seeing some results is nice – fitting back into old clothes is even nicer.

There are more moments to come.

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I am enjoying doing a little more photography… and also LOVING Lightroom and RAW files. Made an vintagey action… So here’s the beautiful Anna with the ‘Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty’ action applied. The name is a hat tip to the Big Bang Theory (totally to amuse myself)

Something that REALLY annoys me is when photographers make black and white or colour edits and don’t supply the original in colour. You should always get the colour option (unless of course the photo cannot be saved any other way… in which case it probably shouldn’t be in the selection).

I am shooting my first solo wedding on Australia Day next year. Just a wee bit excited.


Design Photography

Branding yourself is ridiculous. I really need to sit down and hash out what/how I want to represent myself, look at how I design etc. I have redesigned and played around with the blog and my folio site SO many times and I’m still not happy with it, so it sits there very shabby with very little new work on display at all.

It’s nice actually I think in the last little while at work I’ve loosened my grip on how things should always be and it’s freeing me up. I’m also finally noticing some kind of ‘Rebecca’ishness’ to my work – which is oddly nice and weird at the same time. I’ve had a huge variety of different formats lately from billboards to toilet paper and soon an annual report. I like challenging formats. The freelance work continues to roll in, which is great because they’re often jobs I really enjoy however the whole work again after you’ve worked a full day is a bit much at times.

My ideal little design world would consist of: Branding, Websites (Coding), Invitations and Photography. No DL brochures here Jeeves.

Design Work

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Geoff interviewed me for his year 11 multimedia class. I appologise profusely for saying ‘sure’ so much. I was also sitting rather hunched over. I blame the chair – and being interviewed.

Please note, I am a junior graphic designer and have only had one real studio experience (the other place that shall not be named, shall not be named and does not count).

Design Work