Cadavers and the Bodily Ressurection

I always thought ressurection was a funny word. I split it up in my head. Re-Surrection…

Last night I caught up with some of the Yits crew. We somehow fell into a fairly animated discussion about cadvers of all things. A crude definition of a cadaver for those who don’t know, is a dead body particularly referred to this way if it is being ‘cut up’ for science.

So our arguments chased down lines of the bodily resurrection, keeping the body holy, spirit, soul and at what point someone officiallydies. What about those who are bought back to life? What about cremation? Decomposition? Respect for the dead? Horror stories of erm, arms being waved out medical students windows…

I stand (without an excessive amount of thought) that when you’re dead and really dead, that the whole ‘the body is holy’ thing kind of dissipates. Sure I don’t think we need to be throwing heads around but that’s it. It doesn’t matter any more. It’s a shell. It’s not you, it’s not a person. I don’t have any problem with the idea of cremation.

As said. I haven’t explored much about, ‘bodily resurrection’. I am of the understanding we’ll have new bodies eventually… but there you go. My mind has been expanded that some Christians actually think quite differently about this stuff – even the opposition to cremation was kind of out of left field for me.

We didn’t get around to talking about organ donation. My housemate signed up the other day and I’ve been meaning too do so for a long time. Perhaps I’ve just read to many freakish John Grishams’.

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    If you’re willing to accept an organ transplant should you ever need one, you should sign up to be an organ donor.

    June 27, 2007

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