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webb.bmpStrictly speaking the title is a lie, the music hasn’t actually made it only my Ipod yet – about to redeem that, but I have been listening to ‘She Must and Shall Go Free’. After mentioning Derek Webb a while back, when I saw an earlier CD for sale on $5, I figured I couldn’t go too terribly wrong.

The CD itself has a few moments of ‘way too country’ for my taste, but his lyrics are thought provoking, gut-sung and the majority of the music is really quite alright – not utterly brilliant, but not bad.

I found it quite hilarious that it originally (it’s a few years old now) got banned from some Christian retailers for using ‘too strong language’. This CD is essentially about ‘The Church’.

Anyhoo, off you go and read a review here if you’re ever so inclined.

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