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free derek webbRight.

Just in case this got lost in the previous post – and now since I’ve had a bit of a listen.

I’m quite a fan. Derek Webb (whom I’d never heard of before today and have come across twice in two totally different locations). His lyrics are interesting and provoking and the sound (bar one song which I don’t like) is pretty good.

And if I didn’t mention it before. It’s FREE.


  1. said:

    I can see why he’s giving it away free.

    Nah its not that bad… but… well… it sounds like a contender for the smallville soundtrack. But I’m opionated. For example, Micheal Card irritates me, and anything that sounds like a ballard but makes happy little christian points freaks me out.

    Reminds me a bit of my less favourite Paul Coleman songs. But I do like the music. Instrumentally its really nice. It just seems like the lyrics are… well… naive.

    Sounds a bit like foo fighters accoustic B side from in your honour at times.

    I’m not sure whether zeroes and ones is meant to be a paradoy of the internet or whether he takes himself seriously!? funny tho.

    wait… a muted brass section? What?

    Wow this guy should stick with the country/folk sound it works better for him. The strings are great but brass? Wha?

    well i’d better not comment on every song or this will get too long.

    November 3, 2006
  2. […] but I have been listening to ‘She Must and Shall Go Free’. After mentioning Derek Webb a while back, when I saw an earlier CD for sale on $5, I figured I couldn’t go too terribly […]

    July 9, 2007

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