First paid design work

smalllogo1.jpgRemember this? I designed the seal (voluntarily with motive) for a girl at work’s wedding invites.

This little piece of volunteer work has gotten me some paid real work! This is, I think, the first of lot of specific design work that I am getting paid for. I am now in charge of doing the rest of their invites, fairly standard stuff like layout – the logo itself will still be there and I think it is getting embossed.

Now the trepidation of being totally inept to appease my own perfectionist eye. This of course is irrational but lurking. I’m just hoping she’ll be more than satisfied with the outcome.

I get full printed copies of everything for my folio/record. Yipee!

While I’m on this, I have been looking around at printers/paper for doing our invites. Any tip-off’s would be fantastic. Any reasonably priced printers that you know? Also, if anyone knows where to get cream coloured card (Nice weight but not solid) wholesale for equivalent to less than $1 a sheet. That’d be nice. Don’t say Ebay.

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