The Harry Theory

potterglasses.gifI shouldn’t possibly do 12:15am theories as they can’t be substantiated but here’s my theory on why Harry Potter is so ripping good at worming his way into our imaginations, hearts, bookstores, fan-fiction and movies.

Harry as a character is everything. He’s the nerd, the popular kid, the bullied one, the hero, the kid from the crappy family (and the really fantastic family)…

We all relate.

He also is famous without having done anything – this lends itself to the minor probability of an almost improbability (One we try to pretend isn’t) in today’s world.

If that’s not quite enough, the Harry books have fun things like Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans and photographs where the people move around. Who’s imagination doesn’t delight in chasing that!

I am a Harry Potter fan who quite proudly can say owned the books before they got popular. I don’t think I’ve seen the second latest movie (if so I can’t remember it – and they keep changing directors anyway) – I won’t bother with watching the movie or buying the new book until the hype winds down and I haven’t read the books hundreds of times – just twice, maybe three times for some.

As for my thoughts on the new book:

I think Snape has some good in him. I don’t think xyz person is fully dead. I do think that the last book will be spoilt if it is filled with copious amounts of romance between two certain individuals (but might secretly enjoy some of it) and I’m hoping that there is some question or something left unresolved – just to infuriate people.

Thus endeth my random Harry Potter theorizing, ranting, wondering and whatever else’ing.

Don’t be sucked in by the mania, but do visit the books in say thirty years time and enjoy them as a good – fun read for what they are.

…and I haven’t turned evil yet.

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