Bright Star is truly beautiful. Not your typical period drama (However much they are a weakness) this goes beyond.



The Art of Liwei


This photo, Zooey Deschanel who wears the best clothes and has the most enviable hair ever which sadly my total lack of fashion know how cannot match.


The Ipod Touch that I inherited off Geoff because he might’ve gotten himself an Iphone.

Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man


My new haircut. And having finally found a hairdresser that isn’t a budget cuts and is still very reasonably priced.


Terry Pratchett’s “A Hat Full of Sky”, it’s all just so much fun.

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This afternoon Geoff and I watched Pans Labyrinth.

I’m still struggling what to make of it. The movie is very startling contrast between evil and innocence and there are all these different elements of escapism and a crossover of the awful reality of Ofelia’s life into her fantasy world.

There is a very interesting article over here called Escaping into the Real by Timothy Miller.

And a decent review on the Guardian.

Very worth watching, however rather violent in parts and a little disturbing.


Makeesha shared one of these videos today and I made my way over to Crash + Love and checked out the other two.

They’re wonderful. Especially the Brooklyn “closet theory”.

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