After four months of badgering around (slackness and pickiness on my behalf) I’ve gotten my 21st present from my parents, a nice shiny new watch.

I am happy with this watch for a few reasons.

1. Small enough that my small hands/wrist aren’t totally dwarfed

2. Numbers all the way around, watches you can’t read are useless, I don’t care if they look more modern that way.

The only thing that would make it 100% perfect would be that if it had a second hand, this one seems to lack it, making time seem a whole lot slower. This might be a good thing.


cuddlefish_eating_candy_kristiana_parn.jpgI might be using a few images of Kristiana Parn in the next little while as my ‘blog setters’.

Do check out her illustration/drawings, they are whimsical and just plain cute.

I wish I could draw.

Like really really wish I could draw.


kountour-p.jpgTwo posts ago I was submitting applications – this could almost count as a live blog, but not.

WE GOT IT! The house we wanted.

I am extremely happy, this is the best place we looked at (three Saturdays worth) in the best location. It seems prayer works!

Geoff and Paul will be moving in not this weekend but next weekend(ish) and I’ll move in sometime in January.

Oh look, Paul’s blogged about it.

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