Incredible genetics and a bit of a overview

violet.jpgSomething’s afoot when you catch yourself analysing why Violet – the daughter of Mr. Incredible and Elasto-girl, has black hair when the genetics of blonde hair and brown make that highly improbable and then remember that it’s a cartoon and doesn’t matter and she probably dyed it anyway…

It seems that a late one last night has caught me, or maybe it’s writing deprivation and my imagination (or twisted logical brain) is taking over?

I’d be more dramatic, but I can’t be bothered. It’s 10:30pm afterall, and I really didn’t get much sleep last night.

So. Much to catch up on.

That list said I wanted to talk about:

Moving trials and triumphsGeoff has covered most of this, except for the fact that he was throwing up on the day he was moving, which made things altogether worse. Lets say it was (all up) an interesting and valuable experience for our relationship on all kinds of levels.

Dresses and successes – I sometimes get in my head to do crazy things just to prove that I can, this is reflected in that I chose to study physics in Yr.11 after getting an E in Yr.10, and in the fact that I went out and bought a dress pattern and material and hand sewed a dress this week, just because.

This is an expensive experiment and if you’re in control of your senses at all, I don’t recommend it. I do recommend it as a good time filler while you are waiting around for your internet to start magically working again. As for the dress, it is 90% finished and the straps just needs sewing on, along with the hem and a small alteration to make the bottom of the zip sit better at the back. When I can be bothered and it is daylight, I will post a photo – because I’m a little bit pleased with myself.

The Simpsons and fun – easy. See the Simpsons Movie and you’ll know why people everywhere are running around singing, “Spider pig, spider pig…” you’ll also hear Ralph say something that I found incredibly funny but won’t repeat for the sake of a potentially young (or naive) blog audience. I am a very new Simpson’s convert as I missed seeing any of it growing up overseas and I now can’t get enough.

Eagle vs. Shark and hilarity – Night out in the city at the Film Festival’s Eagle vs. Shark a New Zealand made film. This well spent evening was the endeavor of Jess my movie friend. I spent the entire time laughing. Some have compared it to Napoleon Dynamite and others more to the Castle. I hate the Castle. There were bits that took a little too long but it could all be forgiven due to the seagull moment that made it and makes me fairly sardonic.

P.s. If it gets famous, then I’ll have you know we got to hear the director and lead actress answer questions at the end. (I would’ve rather gone and gotten food),

Keys and stupidity – Geoff got me keys cut for me and Paul for the new house as I was to let Paul in. I ran outside to show Pauly where to park, and locked both sets of keys inside along with my wallet, bag… We then had to drive to Glenferrie (~1hr) to get the original set of keys. Not my most intelligent of moments.

Youth and talking – Ages ago I was convinced by Geoff to run a whole Friday night youth thing. So my turn came (the other night). I’d left planning late but I pulled off a big Q/A about communion and why we have it (and the more finite points). I had a small patch of blah’ing on nearer the end which was okay but could’ve gone better. I think the kids went home talking about Jehovah’s witnesses (Don’t use something like that in an illustration next time!) rather than communion, but oh-well. I think overall it went well.

Right. Now my blogging can commence again as normal in competition with uni, which starts back tomorrow and the 153ish days or so I have left to plan this wedding.


  1. said:

    You……SEWED…… a dress! HAND sewed!!!!!!1 Just so you know my jaw is sore from falling open…. this I’ve got to see! Pictures are a must

    August 6, 2007
  2. said:

    You should see it on her! Words cannot express….

    August 6, 2007
  3. […] I talked about my outlandish experiment of seeing if I could interpret a pattern and sew something worth wearing. Here is the photo to prove that I can. […]

    August 11, 2007

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