Compost of new smells

spring-web.jpgToday is for flinging open doors. The weather has taken a drastic improve which reflects on all the but the nastiest of predispositions. Amazing what a bit of sun can do. It’s honestly just nice to open up the house a bit so it smells ‘new’ again.

On the whole smelling new thing, yesterday marked the arrival of the new pastor. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kevin and his wife Kerrie several times before due to convenient link-ins and am pretty excited for what this next stage holds. It’s been a bit of a wait – Rob and Di have done a great job of pulling things over.

Speaking with a couple of friends yesterday post-Sunday morning, we decided that something felt decidedly different. A good different.

Newness doesn’t just come as something fresh, but when something ends.

This Wednesday will mark the celebratory conclusion of my young-adults homegroup. It’s been a crazy journey with the group starting on the highest of highs (Happy Birthday Washington) and keeping at a consistent peak until somewhere things went vaguely haywire and changes of individuals and relational issues crept in. We are disbanding our structure and holding to our relationships. It would be a lie to say it hasn’t been fairly crap for a good part of it, but we’ve learnt lots, stormed, conformed, made war, peace, learnt of commitment. We’ve taken two, about five times over to try ‘fix’ things and now at a seemingly more stable state have declared it’s death so that we can somewhere find growth and love again.

I am finding quite a bit of a freedom in the fact that I no longer have to drag my heels along each Wednesday. There is something to be said for commitment and a time where it surpasses common sense. In hindsight I should have prayed about it more and asked God what the naff he wanted me to do.

Geoff and I had already been considering a move in the near future due to the rather drastic change of life that marriage inflicts.

Timing it seems is God’s immaculate zing. Monday has opened up a new possibility. We have met with a crew, (Not associated with Vineyard – but of some friends and some strangers – a little further along in life) once so far and it was a slow moving cart that picked up momentum into something quite delightful.

I like what is new.

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  1. katie said:

    “We’ve taken two, about five times over … have declared it’s death …”

    🙂 hope you don’t mind too much being corrected! (says she who doesn’t use capitals)

    and i also very much enjoyed the weather today! it’s so excellent being able to walk around without a jumper and without feeling cold! aahhh so good!

    August 27, 2007
  2. said:

    well I’ll pay you the ‘it’s’ but not the two. that was intentional.

    August 28, 2007

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