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Dear Readers,

While I blog from the comfort of my future lounge room (how cool is that!) slightly less frequently than I’d like, wander yourselves over and check out Amateur Theology.

While you’re wandering, add Amateur Theology to your feed-reader. If you don’t know what a feed reader is, wander yourself over to Google.com and type in Google Reader and follow the prompts to get yourself a log in – you don’t have to know how it works unless your brain is addled like mine was when I was younger. Now I know I don’t and can’t know everything and have adopted a sense of laziness past a certain hour. While you’re there, sign yourself up to Gmail if you are still using Hotmail, because we all know it is about three hundred zquillion times better, then return to Amateur Theology (or here if you can’t remember what the link is), then go to Amateur Theology.

Subscribe yourself to the feed. Think about submitting something to the administrator for it to be published if you are so inclined (and for you to get a nice happy easy link to something that will one day be HUGER than here… maybe – we can only hope – thus making you famous). If you don’t think you are of the whallop* then think about the post/s there and reply with a well thought out comment.

After this, spread the word via your own amazing (I’m sure) blogs, email and every other viral marketing splug you can conjure. That saying, I’m hoping A-T will be a firm constant in quality and quality discussion over quantity and piddly, ‘hmm that is interesting’ comments – of which I am ashamed to admit, have made at some point in time.

I’d say Amateur Theology is ‘what you make it’ – but that would be stealing a slug (not splug) from Gush and we can’t have that happen.

Now those of you who are intelligent folk (teehee, I used the word folk – now I must go and punish myself or at the least, *cringe*) might recognise that I may have a slight bias in plugging (not splugging or slugging) my fiance’s endeavour – but you can hardly blame me, when the idea is so good and the guy’s pretty hot (read that the other way around!).

STOP. Don’t leave just yet! Oh hang on, here’s me actually telling you that you should leave, just go out via here.

Love, me.

*word to use because I can’t think of one
**I haven’t bothered linking to Google, because I figure it’ll find me anyway and you know how to get there and probably have a link in your toolbar, search, bookmarks, desktop, mind…
***Do come back some time. Please.

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  1. said:

    Thanks for the plug (or splug or sponge or whatever you’re calling it). Hope everyone gets on board and contributes to the discussion: it’d be very fun.

    September 5, 2007

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