Saturday Afternoon

I don’t often get outside. It seems my growing up in the tropics – where I was outside most of the time has had an adverse affect – or perhaps it’s my affinity to nerdy computer things. When I do get outside I really do enjoy myself. It seems that my intensely focused brain forgets how nice it is and how positive it is generally toward mood and probably health (think Vitamin A without cancer).

A very impromptu idea courtesy of friends Beth and Brian (Geoff’s friends, but I like them enough to be my friends), fish and chips down by the Yarra.

So Geoff, Paul and I joined them/squashed into one car and had a great afternoon playing frisbee, hanging out and trying the string thing (see photos).

I should get out more.


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  1. said:

    I agree! I don’t often take the initiative to go outside because I don’t want to be bored. But once I’m out and doing something fun I absolutely love it.

    September 24, 2007

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