Poor form

Today marks the submission of the al-la crappiest assignment ever.

To be fair, my concepts were good but I did not leave enough room for application. My city poster was decidedly unfinished and I am relatively disgusted with myself because I HATE handing in anything half baked. Oh I tried, believe me, but the whole thing wasn’t working and I went about trying to fix it this morning. Bad move.

Will I pass it? I think I might, simply because a good percentage of the class hadn’t recognised that it was due today, but as my tutor informed me (and really, she is really nice and I like her and she’s great because she challenges us), “It’s not really ‘A’ material.” I did have a dream the other night about her telling me off for how disorganised I am, but that’s not to hold against her at all. This one is all my fault.

Time to employ some more time in the uni arena.

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