Oh whatever

Oh have I jumped back with glee into the blogging scenario! No posts, I have simply been strapped for time.

September-October is a nasty one for university students, with homework that seems to escalate to match the climax of a year.

To count, I really don’t theoretically have that much due, sure I keep discovering bits of my 20th Century History stuff that I haven’t done – thank you to quick typing and the ability to crap on and still sound half intelligent! I have a book to design for Form and Structure (Indesign class eg: typesetting/layout) – I am using Henry Lawson’s Bill the Ventriloquist Rooster and due to my miserable last assignment I’d like it to be very up to scratch. I have a photo book to piece together- I’ll eventually think about that one. And a design brief to write/research to do, which is a 2 person assignment that I’m frankly not all that worried about.

There are times where it is really nice that my fingers have the gift of the gab.

Thoughts are in the churner about all manner of things, but this is not a promise of posts to come, nor an apology in advance, it is just a comment a little self reminding.

Things I forgot to mention (or was holding out on) over the past little while, some of it wedding related:

a) Anita, Geoff’s sister is engaged to Stuart and their proposal story is nothing short of an epic. Congratulations to them both! I like Anita lots and I think Stu will be good for her (and she for him).

b) We found and bought bridesmaid dress material, shoes and I’ve also gone and gotten invitation paper, these last few weeks have been very productive

c) My cousin Jaclyn got engaged a while back and is getting married soon, I caught up with her today and we got to talk weddings ‘realistically’.

d) I really like the people at my uni. It seems they’re an honest bunch. I left my usb stick in a class room and actually got it back the following day. Ahh the exemplary nature of Swinburne.

e) The girls I hang out with at uni are great fun and well worth a mention, I’m rethinking my once proposed, “Get through uni and have just acquaintances to get you by”, they’re far too good quality for that, pity they live all so far away.

f) I’ve discovered quite like watching Rugby League.


  1. said:

    ha! I know about the october thing. Last year I made up a song called “when october ends” (a parody of “When september ends”)

    To make matters worse, I have a three week prac, which is usally at the starter end of semester, not at this time! Agh!

    October 3, 2007
  2. said:

    Just when I think I’ve got you pretty much figured out…

    “I’ve discovered quite like watching Rugby League”.

    October 3, 2007
  3. said:

    ah wow congratulations to them both 🙂

    its a crazy time of the year! i know so many people who just got engaged or are about to get married!
    its so sweet ^_^
    i just want to smell roses and hug somebody!

    October 4, 2007

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